Strawberries Gone Bananas (HHC)

Strawberries Gone Bananas (HHC)

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Flavor: Strawberries Gone Bananas

HHC Hookah is a new Phenomenon in Hookah smoking. It is the typical wet Shisha which is flavored and infused with HHC. Shisha+ HHC offers a range of flavors that smoke just like traditional shisha with added HHC. Shisha+ HHC Shisha is a non-tobacco, non-nicotine, plant based alternative to Hookah Tobacco.


  • TOBACCO FREE & NICOTINE FREE - Herbal Shisha / Molasses is used exactly like Hookah Tobacco except that these products DO NOT contain any tobacco or nicotine.
  • MADE WITH BANANA LEAVES - Banana Leaves burn slow and has a natural sweetness which works harmoniously with our flavors.
  • PATENT PENDING FORMULATION - Shisha+ uses a proprietary method of infusing flavor for long lasting results and flavorful sessions.
  • MADE IN USA - Shisha+ is made in the United States with fine quality ingredients. 

Contains: 600mg HHC, Banana Leaves, Glycerin, Honey & Natural Flavor

HHC Lab Results: HERE